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Wanna be in a parade?

Section in the First Night Grand Procession
December 31
Main Public Library,
Copley Square, Boston, MA
Stilts Crankie (paper movie) Materials

Page of Photos and thumbnails of parades and pageants
Rain (on some other) Forest Parade.... The Street is a Shining Sea*.... Urbanity*.... Midnight Ramble Parade.... Rites of Spring*.... >Masque of the Five Senses
List of others who are interested in making giant puppets, pageants,and parades. Get in touch with others in your area.
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We have some Videos on Youtube.


Hey puppetistas! police rules against giant puppets containing sticks at demonstrations getting you down? Have you considered Inflatables?
Perhaps we're being too subtle...............

you can hire us, you know!

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